Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in aspects of the foundational theories in education that we feel drive children’s learning and development today.

Fun is not justification for an activity.

We believe, like the Russian, Lev Vygotsky, that there is immense value in play, especially on children’s language and cognitive development. At the early childhood level, we utilize the national curriculum that is play-based. In creating experiences for children, we, like Swiss scientist, Jean Piaget believe in exposing children to real world experiences in an attempt for them to learn. Our activities are not merely “hands-on” but also “minds-on.”
Additionally, these learning experiences are children centred and as such, based on their interests. This maintains the American educator’s, John Dewey’s, view that active reflection and documentation be the basis of planning learning experiences. Like the American, we believe that as times change, so too, must our approach to education and that education should address what we need to know now and not what we need to know in the future.
To #LearnTheFUN does not mean that fun is justification for an activity but to build on children’s learning.